Zoom Rules

Zoom Class Rules

  • Cameras must be on at ALL times.
  • Students must be in dress code. 
  • Student names must be displayed.
  • Televisions, radios etc. must be shut off and you must be in a quiet space.
  • Students must remain muted unless asking or answering a question.
  • Students may not private message each other. We have set Zoom to record all chat messages including private ones. 
  • Students must arrive on time!
  • Students who arrive 15 minutes or later into class will be marked tardy.
  • If you are absent because of a doctors appointment you will need to provide a doctors not to the office or you can send a picture to us and we will send it to the office as documentation. All other absences will be marked unexcused, unless other arrangements have been made with Mr. Jones or Mr. Bryant.
  • The use of cell phones is prohibited during Zoom sessions. 
  • Students and their parents are the only individuals allowed to join zoom sessions. 
  • Chat is to be used only as directed by the teacher, or host.
  • Questions that do not pertain to the lesson being taught need to be communicated through ClassDojo or Email.