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Full Reentry Parent Letter

ABA Families,

Please read this letter with some important information about re-entry.

Mr. Bryant


Familias de ABA,

Por favor lea esta carta con informacion importante de nuestra re-entrada.

Mr. Bryant

Changes to our school calendar

Changes to the School Calendar at the Albuquerque Bilingual Academy

Parent Resources - Opportunities for Families aba

Informational resources in Spanish and English about Emergency Medical Services for Immigrants and Immigrant Healthcare and the Affordable Care Act.

Many immigrant families can get healthcare coverage for no cost or low cost! On January 1, 2014, the public healthcare program called Medicaid became available to more families and low wage workers. The Health InsuranceExchange is a marketplace to buy discounted health insurance with financial help from the federal government.


¡Muchas familias inmigrantes pueden obtener cobertura de salud sin costo o a bajo costo! El 1 de enero del 2014, el programa de salud público Medicaid se puso a disposición de más familias y trabajadores con salarios bajos. El mercado de seguros de salud, conocido como el Exchange, es un nuevo.

Family Supports and Information/Transportation

Hi Parents,

Please visit the ABA Reentry webpage for information related to bus services for this school year. Parents must complete a registration form for each of their children who will need to ride the bus to and/or from school. Below is the link to our reentry page. When you get to our reentry page, please scroll down to 'Family Supports and Information/Transportation.'


Thank you!

Mr. Jones

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At Home Breakfast & Lunch Menu for March

ABA Secures Permanent Home New charter campus offers charter school over 80,000 sq. ft. of learning space and over six (6) acres of vacant land  
P-EBT Update

HSD has all necessary data and information from the PED to issue the P-EBT benefits for October and November. At this point in time, the issuance is with HSD and they are working internally to see what date they can issue these benefits. We will let you know a solidified date of P-EBT issuance when HSD notifies the PED. At this point there is nothing further that SFA’s need to do other than notify families that the benefit will be coming in the near future. Thank you for your continued patience as our main objective was to get our plan approved and things should go rather quickly moving forward.

New students and the students that were or still on EBT SNAP benefits, a new P-EBT card will be mailed to them on or before October 22nd. The students that have an existing P-EBT card from the prior P-EBT issuance and still qualify for P-EBT should have had the benefits loaded on the existing card the weekend of September 26th.


If a family lost or needs a replacement EBT card they can call the FIS number at 1-800-843-8303 and will be required to give their card number and some additional verifying information. Please let families know to continue to be patient and limit calling HSD or our PED number unless it is absolutely necessary.