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Albuquerque Bilingual Academy

Bilingual Multicultural Education


Albuquerque Bilingual Academy: Bilingual Multicultural Education Program (BMEP) 

“Bilingual education involves teaching academic content in two languages.” 

“In a Two-Way Bilingual Immersion program, children prepare for a global future. They achieve comprehensive fluency and literacy in two languages. Their bilingualism allows them to communicate with ease in multiple countries.”  “The result is superior academic performance, in two languages. Bilingualism not only enhances cognitive development, it also increases multicultural understanding and expands educational and professional prospects.”

La Promesa Early Learning Center BMEP Annual Parent Notification Letter 

Albuquerque Bilingual Academy Material Terms Calling for Dual Language Programming:




Bilingual Multicultural Education Program (BMEP) Parent Advisory Committee (PAC)

Parents are encouraged to participate in the ABA BMEP PAC. This committee is integral to the success of the BMEP program and mission of ABA. Committee members will assist with program evaluation, development, and budget preparation. BMEP PAC meetings are scheduled at 3:00 pm, just before each Parent Connection event. If you are interested, please contact Chris Jones ( at 505-836-7706. 





Serving English Learners (EL)

ABA Parent Notification and Testing Requirements 

Notification/Testing Timeline
W-APT (Kinder) or WIDA Screener (1-8)    Administered within 20 days of registration
EL Parent Notification Sent home within 30 days after W-APT or Screener scoring is completed
WIDA ACCESS Administered before end of winter trimester
WIDA ACCESS Results Sent home within 20 days of scores being released by WIDA


ELL Qualification and Placement Notification

ELL Continuation of Services Notification