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About Us


Albuquerque Bilingual Academy staff believes the worth and dignity of each and every individual, whether a baby in diapers, a third grader studying multiplication, a high school student reading Plato, a parent working in their occupation or someone proud of his grandchildren.  We see individual strengths and encourage those strengths; we strive to help individuals achieve one’s greatest potential.  Albuquerque Bilingual Academy staff uses several innovative strategies and techniques, which have proven to be highly successful.

We accept the premise that the best program in school can only be successful if there is a strong home/school relationship.  We respect that parents and families know their children in great depth.  We learn immense information about our students in a group setting and use various methods to truly understand them.  We also believe joining our knowledge and understanding, with the knowledge of love of you as a parent, will create a powerful force in the academic, social, emotional and physical success of Albuquerque Bilingual Academy students.

Teddy Roosevelt once wrote, “If you think that you can, you’re absolutely right.  If you think you can’t, you’re absolutely right.”  This is a profound statement that we believe to be true for our students as well as ourselves, “one can do anything once they set their mind to”.  We also believe that “Education is a journey, not a destination”.  We know that we are in this journey together, hand-in-hand as partners, to give every single child the very best education possible.  We need your help along every step of this journey because education changes to a “destination” when there is not consistent parent participation, academic growth, or pride in what is accomplished along the way.  Let’s join this “journey” together!



The MISSION of Albuquerque Bilingual Academy ensures that culturally and linguistically diverse students thrive in an academic, family centered, developmentally seamless continuum of learning where high expectations, PRIDE, respect and empowerment meet grade level proficiency.