Albuquerque Bilingual Academy Parent Teacher Advisory Team 

Welcome to the Albuquerque Bilingual Academy PTAT webpage! We are excited to begin the new school year, and look forward to working together to make the 2019-2020 school year the best year yet! 

At this time we are recruiting new members. We also welcome parents interested in serving as officers. An election will take place in early September, at which time we will appoint new officers. 

Please visit our page often to gather the most current news about the PTAT. We will coordinate many exciting fundraising, field trip, staff appreciation, and other events this school year, and would appreciate your membership and support!

CLICK HERE TO SIGN-UP FOR THE Albuquerque Bilingual Academy  PTAT! Please complete the form and email it to OR send the completed form with your student to submit to the front office!

PTAT Meetings

PTAT meetings will take place immediately following parent connection events. Please see Brenda Baca if you have any questions.


PTAT Fundraising 

Chocolate Sales - K-3 students will begin the chocolate sale fundraiser. Please see below for information regarding our upcoming chocolate sale fundraiser...

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/userfiles/54/my files/ptat chocolate sale prizes 1.pdf?id=188

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