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Albuquerque Bilingual Academy
Albuquerque Bilingual Academy
Albuquerque Bilingual Academy
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Albuquerque Bilingual Academy

Our Promise

Read Coronavirus (COVID-19) updates here: Albuquerque Bilingual Academy will be closed between March 13-April 6, 2020


Albuquerque Bilingual Academy is a FREE K-8 bilingual charter school. A 18:1 teacher student ratio provides an excellent, personalized, family learning environment that can quickly identify and correct learning issues. We offer FREE lunch and bus transportation. Our multi-cultural, diverse enrollment prepares our students for today’s increasingly technology driven, bilingual world.

The MISSION of Albuquerque Bilingual Academy ensures that culturally and linguistically diverse students thrive in an academic, family centered, developmentally seamless continuum of learning where high expectations, PRIDE, respect and empowerment meet grade level proficiency.

P=Practice R=Respect I=Involvement D=Determination E=Excellence


News & Announcements

ABA Shell Building Buildout / Construction Project
ABA Construction Project

Albuquerque Bilingual Academy set to begin construction project in October 2021.

Parent Resources - Opportunities for Families

Informational resources in Spanish and English about Emergency Medical Services for Immigrants and Immigrant Healthcare and the Affordable Care Act.

Many immigrant families can get healthcare coverage for no cost or low cost! On January 1, 2014, the public healthcare program called Medicaid became available to more families and low wage workers. The Health InsuranceExchange is a marketplace to buy discounted health insurance with financial help from the federal government.


¡Muchas familias inmigrantes pueden obtener cobertura de salud sin costo o a bajo costo! El 1 de enero del 2014, el programa de salud público Medicaid se puso a disposición de más familias y trabajadores con salarios bajos. El mercado de seguros de salud, conocido como el Exchange, es un nuevo.

Family Supports and Information/Transportation

Hi Parents,

Please visit the ABA Reentry webpage for information related to bus services for this school year. Parents must complete a registration form for each of their children who will need to ride the bus to and/or from school. Below is the link to our reentry page. When you get to our reentry page, please scroll down to 'Family Supports and Information/Transportation.'

Thank you!

Mr. Jones

ABA Secures Permanent Home New charter campus offers charter school over 80,000 sq. ft. of learning space and over six (6) acres of vacant land  

Albuquerque, NM - The Albuquerque Bilingual Academy (ABA) readies itself for potential growth in a recent $6.9M acquisition of their K-8 campus located at 7500 La Morada Pl. NW, Al

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